Functional biogeography is a multidisciplinary field that investigates the spatial distribution and ecological functioning of organisms in relation to environmental variables. It seeks to understand how biological traits and ecological processes vary across different geographic regions, and how these variations influence species interactions, ecosystem dynamics, and global biodiversity patterns. By integrating concepts from ecology, evolutionary biology, and geography, functional biogeography provides valuable insights into the functioning and resilience of ecosystems, enabling scientists to better comprehend the intricate connections between organisms and their environment, and aiding in the development of effective conservation strategies in the face of ongoing environmental changes (Violle et al. 2014).

In this framework I have initiated/participed to several research projects to map and disentangle the interplay between the spatial distribution of functional traits, functional rarity and conservation and some experimental approach. I combined analysis of empirical datasets for many taxa both in terrestrial and marine habitats at local and global scales. This research has also resulted in producing reviews papers and integrated approaches

Violle, C., P. B. Reich, S. W. Pacala, B. J. Enquist, and J. Kattge. 2014. The emergence and promise of functional biogeography. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111:13690-13696.

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Global distribution of mammal and bird species considering only unglaciated areas. a-c number of ecologically rare and common mammals, and d-f distribution of total species richness, number of ecologically rare and common birds. From Loiseau, N. Mouquet et al. Nature Communication 2020.

OTHER TOPICS: Aesthetics of Biodiversity, Biodiversity & Ecosystem Functioning, Biogeography, Macroecology & Ecophylogenetics, Experimental Evolution, Functional Rarity, Metacommunities, Metaecosystems, Reviews and Synthesis, Trophic Biogeography & Metaweb

Functional rarity & Conservation

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Mapping and disentangling the interplay between the spatial distribution of functional traits

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Experimental functional biogeography

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Integrative approaches & Reviews

Munoz F, Klausmeier CA, Gauzere P, Kandlikar PG, Litchman E, Mouquet N, Ostling A, Thuiller W, Algar AC, Auber A, Cadotte MW, Delalandre L, Denelle P, Enquist BJ, Fortunel C, Grenie M, Loiseau N, Mahaut L, Maire A, Mouillot D, Pimiento C, Violle C, and Kraft NJB (2023) The ecological causes of functional distinctiveness in communities Ecology Letters, DOI:10.1111/ele.14265

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