Monnet, A.C., Jiguet, F., Meynard, C.N., Mouillot, D., Mouquet N., Thuiller, W. and Devictor, V. (2014).

Global Ecology and Biogeography, 23, 780-788, doi:10.1111/geb.12179

Key message : We assessed the temporal trends of taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic diversities in the French avifauna over the last two decades. We analysed a large-scale dataset that recorded annual changes in the abundance of 116 breeding birds in France between 1989 and 2012. We decomposed and analysed the spatio-temporal dynamics of taxonomic, phylogenetic and functional diversities and each of their α-, β- and γ-components. We found large variation within and among the temporal trends of each biodiversity facet. On average, we found a marked increase in species and phylogenetic diversity over the period considered, but no particular trend was found for functional diversity. We also found a general increase in the local occurrence and abundance of generalist species within local communities. These results highlight a relative asynchrony of the different biodiversity facets occurring at large spatial scales. We show why a multifaceted approach to biodiversity dynamics is needed to better describe and understand changes in community composition in macroecology and conservation biogeography.

Temporal trends of diversity facets over 1989–2012. Taxonomic (a) gamma diversity and (b) beta diversity. Functional (c) gamma diversity and (d) beta diversity. Yearly changes in diversity indices (and their standard error, in the grey band) were obtained from a model accounting for spatial gradients and temporal autocorrelation. Variations in (gamma or beta) functional were adjusted to variations in (gamma or beta) taxonomic diversity. The y axis represents the relative variation of the facet considered compared with its value in 2001 set to 100 as a reference. We also added a nonlinear regression (smoothed line) to describe the major temporal trajectory of each index during the period.

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OTHER TOPICS: Aesthetics of Biodiversity, Biodiversity & Ecosystem Functioning, Biogeography, Macroecology & Ecophylogenetics, Experimental Evolution, Functional Biogeography, Functional Rarity, Metacommunities, Metaecosystems, Reviews and Synthesis, Trophic Biogeography & Metaweb