Auber A, C Waldock, A Maire, E Goberville, C Albouy, A C Algar, M McLean, A BrindAmour, A L Green, M Tupper, L Vigliola, K Kaschner, K Kesner-Reyes, M Beger, J Tjiputra, A Toussaint, C Violle, N Mouquet, W Thuiller, and D Mouillot (2022).

Nature Communications 13:4774

Key message : Conservation strategies in a complex and resource-limited world are challenging. We need to accurately assess ecosystem vulnerability and loss of species diversity. We developed a functional vulnerability framework that incorporates uncertainty and reference conditions. Through simulations, we measured vulnerability to various threats for marine fishes and mammals. Our framework revealed geographic and temporal patterns and identified key drivers of vulnerability. This tool helps guide conservation efforts in an uncertain world.

Functional vulnerability of global reef fish communities and associated trends over the coming 60 years. a Projected functional vulnerability ([2041- 2070]) of coastal fish communities under the SSP1-2.6 scenario.

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OTHER TOPICS: Aesthetics of Biodiversity, Biodiversity & Ecosystem Functioning, Biogeography, Macroecology & Ecophylogenetics, Experimental Evolution, Functional Biogeography, Functional Rarity, Metacommunities, Metaecosystems, Reviews and Synthesis, Trophic Biogeography & Metaweb